KB Home (NYSE: KBH) today announced the unveiling of the BUILDER KB Home ProjeKt concept home of the future in conjunction with CES 2019.

The KB Home ProjeKt breaks new ground in smart home building through innovative partnerships and cutting-edge technology that helps residents improve their physical and emotional health and well-being, and is designed to flex with the needs of its homeowners. Located in Inspirada, one of the bestselling master plans in the U.S. and a dynamic, connected and growing community, the KB Home ProjeKt is a short distance from the Las Vegas strip and CES, and is a full-scale, immersive home experience of “where tomorrow lives.”

The BUILDER KB ProjeKt Home in Henderson, Nevada is open for the Consumer Electronics Show.
The BUILDER KB ProjeKt Home in Henderson, Nevada is open for the Consumer Electronics Show.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans spend approximately 90 percent of their lives indoors, making their homes an important factor in their overall health and well-being. A Hanley Wood survey found that three-quarters of current home buyers say they consider housing as essential or extremely important in contributing to good health, and two-thirds believe that the right housing environment could cut their annual medical costs by as much as 40%.

“The home of tomorrow must meet the future needs of its residents, so we designed the KB Home ProjeKt as a smart, sustainable, flexible home that looks beyond energy savings and helps people live a healthier, more energetic life,” said Jeff Mezger, KB Home chairman, president and CEO. “The challenge for builders is to employ technology to design healthy homes that are attainable for everyone — from first-time buyers to empty nesters — so that future homeowners can benefit from a healthy home.”

The KB Home ProjeKt responds to this challenge by integrating smart and sustainable technologies and materials into every room of the house through support of partners and title sponsors, Whirlpool, Delos, Hanley Wood, AndersonBaron and KTGY Architecture + Planning. It all starts with Google Home, the tech foundation of the KB Home ProjeKt, with Mesh network and Google Assistant, working alongside the Delos DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence Network. The smart home’s technological advances operate seamlessly to create a relaxing and more productive environment without intruding on its residents.

A Healthier Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of wellness with cutting-edge Whirlpool smart appliances and creative touches. Working together, the Whirlpool appliances and Yummly app can examine the contents of the refrigerator, identify what recipes are possible and prepare the oven to cook the selected recipe — all from a phone. A living garden wall makes it easy to access fresh food.

A Healthier Indoor Ecosystem

Since the average American today spends the vast majority of their lives indoors, their home’s health can have a significant impact on their well-being. According to the EPA, concentrations of some pollutants can be up to five times higher indoors than outdoors. To provide a healthier indoor environment, premier air filtration systems remove harmful air pollutants, as well as antimicrobial paint and drywall that absorb VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the surrounding air.

Delos’ DARWIN™ Home Wellness Intelligence Network, a first-of-its-kind system, passively monitors and constantly responds to real-time changing environmental conditions within the home. DARWIN is always taking care of the resident, delivering fresh outside air while purifying indoor air quality conditions, as well as purified water at every fixture within the home.

A Healthier Night’s Sleep

Rest is considered an important foundation for healthy living. The home’s noise-reducing walls and windows and circadian lighting are designed to create an ideal sleeping environment, as well as areas for activity or relaxation. Special noise-dampening drywall means quieter bedrooms and a peaceful environment.

DARWIN even adjusts lighting to match the time of day and sync with your body’s own natural circadian rhythms — the body’s “internal clock.” For example, lighting can be set to create an energizing environment for morning or a calming one for evening.

A Flexible Home That Adapts to Its Owner

With KB Home ProjeKt, whatever you need your home to be is up to you. Moveable walls offer a multitude of options throughout the day in a single, highly efficient space. Flexible space can become a bedroom, office, studio or entertaining area. Turn the upper floor into a revenue-generating unit or space for a caregiver or adult child returning home.

“This concept home is designed to support the way people live today — and tomorrow,” said Paul Tourbaf, president, residential construction group at Hanley Wood. “The home is designed to be flexible in a variety of ways in any given day, from family time to working at home to entertaining. It actually collaborates with you, making your life more efficient and reducing stress. It is also designed to be flexible for the long term as family structures and needs change.”

Creating “Social Collisions”

According to Dr. Vivek Murthy, former U.S. Surgeon General, loneliness is associated with a reduction in lifespan as severe as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and can be more severe than obesity. Conversely, people with strong social connections have a lower risk of cancer, better cardiovascular health, and faster recovery rates when disease or injury occur.

The home site and community design creates natural “social collisions” that make connecting with neighbors and friends easier and the orientation toward semi-private spaces at the front of the home encourages a natural flow from privacy to social engagement. In addition, the outdoor design includes an outdoor flex space for a yoga studio or swim spa for the convenience of exercising at home, or an outdoor living area.