Cove Hollow, East Hampton, N.Y.
Chris Foster Cove Hollow, East Hampton, N.Y.

A New Hamsphire designer and builder of prefab post-and-beam style homes is making a name for itself in one of the country's most luxurious markets.

Yankee Barn Homes has found significant success in East Hampton, N.Y., with multiple recently completed projects both on spec and on demand. The company's panelization process is an energy-efficient alternative to traditional stick frame construction. Assembled in New Hampshire using domestically sourced materials, these factory-built homes save on build times and job site waste, says Yankee Barn Homes CEO Paul Marinelli.

Here, BUILDER talks with Marinelli about the company's success.

Cove Hollow
Chris Foster Cove Hollow

What are the advantages to post-and-beam construction?
The strength of post and beam frames result in fewer supports being needed in the home. This allows for greater design flexibility and for a more open floor plan. In addition, post-and-beam homes typically have a much faster timeframe than normal stick construction. The post-and-beam frame naturally adds architectural interest to any room, but not everyone wants post and beam in every room. Our hybrid option allows for complete flexibility to add post and beam only where a client wants it. In addition, we’re proud to say that we only source our wood from members of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

What are the advantages of panelization?

The panelization process extends the build season to literally, “year round” as the home components are prebuilt and can be stored at our New Hampshire facilities. Our wall and roof systems and pre-produced frames offer design flexibility and a comfortable, weathertight home.

What types of clients do you work with?
Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons. Many people who come to us love the natural beauty and warmth the wood adds throughout their home. For those who want more control on wood placement, our product also provides a lot of design flexibility and hybrid potential. Overall, the majority of our clients are looking for the strength, durability, and energy efficiency a post-and-beam home can offer; this is especially important in the more drastic weather regions of the country.

Do you work with reclaimed wood?
Although we have used reclaimed timbers in the past, it’s not something we typically offer at the moment. We’re always looking for great products to help support our green building initiative. One of the amazing products we provide to our clients is a polyiso insulation that is manufactured by using up to 100% recycled materials.