If you're trying to build a truly green home, we've got you covered from housewrap to finished flooring. This St. Patrick's Day, our festive product roundup will indulge your inner leprechaun and has more environmentally friendly features than you can shake a shamrock at.

Emerald Tiles

International tile exhibition Cersaie showcased glitz, glitter, and bright color in 2014, including the new U-Color series from 41Zero42. The porcelain tiles are cold glazed, which allows for a wider range of color options on the 3-by-12-inch planks. Desginers can choose from 60 standard colors and thousands of customized options for limitless creative possibilities. 41Zero42 | 41zero42.com

All Spruced Up

Spruce, ivy, and forest are among the shades of green CertainTeed customers will find in the Cedar Impressions product line. The polymer shake siding is available in 29 designer low-gloss colors creating versatile opportunities for exterior upgrades. An enhanced panel thickness helps the siding withstand strong winds and harsh weather, while TrueTexture technology creates panels molded from real cedar shingles for an authentic appearance with low maintenance. Cedar Impressions requires no painting or caulking, and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. CertainTeed | 800.233.8990 | certainteed.com

Connor Walberg

Green Gables

A palette of 23 earth tones is the foundation of DaVinci Roofscapes multi-width composite slate tile blends. Up to eight different tones per blend create a natural color variance for a more authentic look, and DaVinci can work with homeowenrs and designers to create custom blends as well. DaVinci Slate composite tiles are also available in Energy Star-qualified EcoBlend cool roof colors to help reduce heating and cooling costs and meet some LEED requirements. DaVinci Roofscapes | 855.299.5301 | davinciroofscapes.com

On Your Turf

Synthetic turf has come a long way. Now featuring proprietary MaxxFlow backing, EasyTurf's permeable artificial grass system can be largely engineered with recycled products, adding to its inherent environmentally friendliness. Beyond lawns, EasyTurf is also ideal for green roofs, and new PetTurf options are designed for dog runs, kennels, and other pet traffic areas. Whatever the application, EasyTurf artificial grass system needs no water, fertilizer, mowing, or other maintenance, and won't suffer from brown or dead spots in pet areas. Clients not in the market for a synthetic front yard? Maybe a putting green is more their speed. EasyTurf | 866.327.9887 | easyturf.com

Eat Your Greens

Techno trim options for the Ilve Majestic Collection include sleek knobs, handles, and legs to give a fresh look to the product line usually known for its traditional design. The Techno series features stainless steel knobs and tubular handles, and trimless doors and panels. Choose from multiple cooktop configurations, five standard widths from 30 to 60 inches in seven colors including emerald green, midnight blue, and matte graphite. Eurochef | 866.844.6566 | ilveappliances.com

Tree Frog Green

Unlike traditional painter's tape, Frog Tape features a super-absorbent polymer that seals the edge of the tape when it's moistened by the paint. The PaintBlock seal keeps paint from seeping under the tape so paint lines stay sharp. New items in the product line include Shape Tape in three patterns (chevron, wave, and scallop), low adhesive Frog Tape Delicate Surface for use with faux finishes, primed wallboard, and other surfaces that need a gentle touch; and Frog Tape Textured Surface that comes in a kit with liquid PaintBlog Edge Sealer to help create stripes, patterns, and finished edges even on textured surfaces. Shure Tape Technologies | 800.321.1733 | frogtape.com

Green Waters

Building on its original Raindrop housewrap, Pactiv's Raindrop 3D features an increased channel depth, allowing it to better manage moisture. The channels are designed to withstand compression and won't crimp, collapse, or flatten, no matter how tightly siding is nailed to the wall. Raindrop 3D is a moisture barrier, air barrier, and drainage wrap in one, which allows the the walls to breathe while eliminating the need to wrap the house more than once. Pactiv | 800.241.4402 | trustgreenguard.com

Green Machine

Launched at the 2014 International Builders Show (IBS) in partnership with James Hardie, Roan Tools dust extracting circular saw is ideal for contractors working with fiber cement, PVC, OSB, wood, and other materials. The corded saw’s built-in vacuum doesn’t require any hoses, and the filter can be rinsed clean and lasts a lifetime. Small fins in the blade cover pull dust into the attached canister and ultimately remove 93% of dust from the workspace, and an even greater percentage of micro-particles like those causing silica dust concerns. Learn more about this new tool from product editor Lauren Hunter's video live from the IBS 2014 show floor. Roan Tools | 888.340.1322 | roantools.com

Natural Emerald

Sherwin-Williams Emerald Interior and Exterior paints, and ColorCast Eco Toners are both zero-VOC, offering a more eco-friendly option for painting. Emerald is designed to prevent stains from penetrating, and offers more durability than other paints, providing easier clean-up of surfaces. The paint has also proved resistant to blistering, peeling, chalking, and fading. Earth-friendly ColorCast Eco Toners won't add to the VOC content of coatings or affect the paint's thickness or consistency. Choose from more than 1,500 colors or custom-color matches. Sherwin-Williams | 800.474.3794 | sherwin-williams.com

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