In the home building business, Su[per Bowl Sunday isn't so much about the game. It's about the beginning of the spring selling season. But for those who are into the game, here's a quick preview from CBS, which will broadcast the game.

For demographers, there's a special treat: For Super Bowl Sunday, the Census Bureau has developed an interactive map through which citizens can pinpoint the hometowns of the people who will play the game.

"Our new interactive data visualization might help you decide who to cheer for. Learn more about where each player is from, what college they attended, and more fun facts based on Census Bureau data. Start exploring the state or hometown of your favorite player by clicking on the map," the bureau said.

Here are a few more things to know before the Big Game:

  • California leads the way with 17 players. Florida's the runner up followed by Texas. How many players are from your state?
  • The smallest hometown is Magnolia, Delaware with less than 300 people. The largest is Los Angeles, California with almost 4 million people.

And here it is: