InstaBuilt's Cherry Traditional home.
InstaBuilt InstaBuilt's Cherry Traditional home.

Modern construction technology company InstaBuilt has launched in the United States starting with its first homes in Austin’s Whisper Valley. InstaBuilt’s Cherry Communities will be comprised of three new product lines including the Cherry Traditional, Cherry Millennials, and Cherry Multifamily.

Ready to revolutionize the market, InstaBuilt’s produces panelized and volumetric housing that is up to 95% manufactured off-site and assembled on-site in 8 to 12 hours.

“InstaBuilt’s innovative building technologies will bring sustainability, speed, and scale to the U.S. housing market, starting with the vibrant city of Austin,” says Mentor Pllana, CEO of InstaBuilt. “Our mission is to provide high-quality, energy-efficient homes that are not only affordable but also environmentally sustainable. Whisper Valley’s focus on green living, powered by Taurus Investments Holdings and EcoSmart Solution, aligns perfectly with our vision.”

The homes feature two groundbreaking technologies—panelized systems with volumetric bath pods and complete volumetric housing solutions. The process utilizes advanced prefabrication techniques with minimal environmental impact to accelerate the building process, lower costs, and significantly reduce on-site waste.

InstaBuilt is touted as the only builder that is certified and building with CE mark in Europe and the U.S. market, holding certifications under the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC). Additionally, all products comply with the Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS), powered by ICC NTA.

“Whisper Valley is the ideal location for InstaBuilt’s U.S. debut,” says Douglas Gilliland, managing director of Taurus Investment Holdings, the developer behind Whisper Valley. “This partnership underscores a shared commitment to sustainable living and innovative construction methods. Together, we are addressing the housing crisis and setting a new standard for the future of residential development.”

Available immediately, InstaBuilt’s Cherry Traditional homes will range in size from 2,000 to 2,900 square feet with three- to four-bedrooms homes in one-story and two-story floor plans. All Cherry homes will feature multiple exterior façades and interior configurations, along with furnishings from renowned Italian brands like Natuzzi and Calligaris, and locally designed furnishings from the Insta Furniture brand.

Through partnerships with Tesla Solar Energy, Cherry homes integrate geothermal solutions and advanced solar energy systems to create better performance and reduce the ecological footprint. The homes also feature net-zero to energy-positive options and smart home features that reduce energy consumption and promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Residents in Cherry Communities will have access to a vibrant ecosystem designed to promote a holistic lifestyle with both indoor and outdoor amenities, including fitness centers, yoga studios, and cantina services, which is further enhanced by Whisper Valley’s organic gardens, hiking trails, and a geothermal-powered community pool.

The Cherry Traditional model home will be open in September while the Cherry Millennials model home is available now by appointment.

InstaBuilt's Cherry Millennials AsterDomo home.
InstaBuilt InstaBuilt's Cherry Millennials AsterDomo home.

In a separate community within Whisper Valley, InstaBuilt will be offering the first 150 Cherry Millennials AsterDomo homes in 18 months. The homes are designed for modern lifestyles offering one- to four-bedrooms ranging from 665 to 1,307 square feet. In 2026, InstaBuilt plans to introduce 100 Cherry Multifamily build-to-rent homes in Whisper Valley.

InstaBuilt aims to expand its presence across the country, including Colorado, the Midwest and more, with new communities opening soon.