Americans spent $23.5 billion repairing and replacing smart phones in the last seven years, according to recent research, and workers in rugged industries like construction suffer the most.

In fact, in focus groups with professional tradesmen and outdoor workers, mobile phone manufacturer Bullitt Group found that damaging handsets in demanding work environments is a common problem. More than half of those surveyed had cracked or broken their phone screen in normal everyday use on the job.

A new phone from construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar may help alleviate some of these problems. The Cat S50c smartphone, connected exclusively on the Verizon network, was rigorously tested for challenging environments. The rugged phone was designed for professionals braving the elements in rugged or tough all-weather jobs such as rescue services, construction, ski patrol, and boating. It provides protection against drops, water, dust, extreme temperatures, humidity, thermal shocks, vibration and salt mist, says the company.

In addition, the generous 4.7-inch HD Gorilla Glass scratch-resistant display is fully operational while wearing gloves up to 4mm thick, with wet hands and even in the rain or snow. Dedicated key allows users to communicate instantly with one person or an entire workforce at the push of a button.

“The nature of some jobs requires a much more robust device to cope with every day activities, but without compromising the user’s experience,” says Francisco Jeronimo, Research Director, IDC . “This device offers professionals the resilience needed when using their smartphone in challenging environments, but it also offers the peace of mind of avoiding expensive repairs in less careful usages.”