For some people, life can never have too much bling.

Glittering grout is making a comeback after first appearing on the market several years ago. The first attempts came out as expected - sparkle overload. But over the years, other manufacturers have come out with more advanced glitter grout products.

Options include a premixed version from British retailer Staffordshire Silicones and an additive from Laticrete. Even world-renowned tile designer Ann Sacks created a line of glittering grout called Context, a urethane grout developed in partnership with Bostik. Ann Sacks's two patented versions are made for glass, which has a translucent appearance, and quartz, which has an opaque finish.

Below are some ways designers, remodelers, and DIYers have found to tastefully apply the sparkling grout. The key, as exhibited in these examples, seems to be matching the tile to an appropriate grout color that doesn't overpower the style. It should simply add a touch of shimmer.

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