A prominent design trend throughout many of the projects honored with awards this year (including last month's Gold Nugget Awards) is a blended indoor/outdoor transition. Jurors, architects, and homeowners alike are favoring outdoor spaces that blur the lines between out and in.

Seamless transitions through collapsible, floor-to-ceiling windows can make a primary residence feel like a vacation home, and open up smaller, indoor rooms by extending space into the landscape.

For a cohesive finish,  architectural styles used throughout the home are mirrored outdoors. Details such as state-of-the-art entertainment systems, fireplaces, and pools make for an inviting sanctuary meant to be enjoyed year-round.

From an inside look at an Eichler update that transformed a home into an open-air pavilion, to design tips from the pros, here are eight projects from the pages of BUILDER and CUSTOM HOME that invite the outdoors in: 

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