Located in the cantilevered portion of the second floor of the Riverview House in Wayne, Ill., this kitchen is an exercise in streamlined restraint. It is composed of three linear elements: a single line of wall-hung cabinets anchoring one end; an island that contains the majority of the remaining cabinetry as well as the range; and what the architects at Chicago-based Studio Dwell refer to as "the tube."

This third element is essentially a continuation of the wood-lined passageway between the living space and the garage beyond. In the kitchen, it takes the form of a tall cabinet that hides the pantry, wine storage, a fireplace, and, of course, kitchen appliances. It also serves as an earthy counterpoint to the crisp white Caesarstone quartz countertops, which brighten the space by reflecting light that enters through the glazed walls at either end, offering views of the nearby Fox River. Clerestories lining the 14-foot-tall walls allow light to further penetrate the space.

The kitchen anchors one end of an otherwise open-plan space—separated only by the structure of the tube—allowing the family to remain connected to one another and the uninterrupted views of the landscape afforded by the design. 

Project Credits

Entrant/Architect Studio Dwell Architects
Builder McLeod Builders
Size 224 square feet
Cost $900,000 (entire house)