Do the No-Brainers
Got a little dead space in your plan? Bring it to life and put it to good use, as The St. Joe Company and the architects at Looney Ricks Kiss did with this under-the-stair storage nook in a concept home whose architecture is best described as “Victorian folk.” 

Little things can generate a significant payback when they’re done well, explains principal Carson Looney. He quantifies the cost benefit this way: “The floor space or square footage are free, the trim carpenter and painter are already there, and the extra lumber is lying around. If you had to buy this feature as a stand alone, it might cost between $250 and $500. But then the lady falls in love with the extra care and special touches you’ve put into the house, and you sell it three to four months sooner than you would have. You just saved more than $7,000!”

Photo: Courtesy Looney Ricks Kiss Architects

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