In upstate New York State, where big snows are a given, this designer has decided to make it an asset rather than a liability.
In upstate New York, where big snows are a given, this designer chooses to retain snow for a thick thermal blanket of insulation.

Cold weather is creeping in, so we rounded up some of our favorite stories on how to build better homes for sub-freezing temperatures. These tips for transcending mounds of snow and sheets of ice should keep your buyers happy through those cold winter days. 

Ice Dams: The formation of an ice dam can wreak havoc on a house, so here are some helpful tips for fixing or building a better roof.

Ice Cycle House in Buffalo, N.Y.: Instead of melting snow off the roof, this house uses the snow for thick insulation.

Warmup Inc. Snow Melt Mat: This product can be installed under asphalt, concrete, or pavers to melt snow and prevent ice from forming.

A Roof to Reverse an Avalanche: Echoing the design of old avalanche sheds, this masterful homes rises to nature's challenges.

Insulation Options for Your Homes: Weigh up the right insulation to keep your homes warm in sub-freezing temperatures.

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