Top 15 Building-Science Stories of the Past Year

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BUILDER's most viewed building-science stories from the past 12 months. 

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Nature gives so much, but it can also take away.

Building science is all about how homes interact with nature, in one way or another. Often, it's about protecting systems and structures against it, both from everyday occurrences--like moisture forming in all the wrong places--as well as catastrophic events, like tornadoes and floods. But, in some instances, building science is all about working with nature--as when future-proofing homes for solar installation--or even improving on it, as in homes that promote healthier lifestyles and outcomes

With Earth Day just around the corner, we're celebrating Mother Nature by calling out the many ways the natural environment has an impact on how builders are constructing their new homes. Here, we've ranked the past year's top 15 building-science stories that appeared on our site, based on website analytics, as voted on by the clicks of our users.

The Roof of the Future took the No. 1 spot with its energy- and water-saving technology from the Department of Defense. Other eye-catching innovations in construction science include protecting against the most extreme conditions: Coastal hurricanes brought us virtually storm-proof modular homes, and the harsh winter months gave builders insight into protecting systems and structures from ice and snow.  

Here are the 15 most-popular building science stories from April 2014 to today.

  1. The Roof of the Future 
  2. Modular Hurricane-Proof House is Ideal for Coastal Areas and Beyond 
  3. Winterization 101: The Science of Frozen Pipes 
  4. Three Frozen Pipe Scenarios and What Went Wrong in Each 
  5. Nine Best Practices for Building a Healthier Home 
  6. Top Five Most Troublesome New Home Callbacks 
  7. 2015 IECC: What Else You Need to Know (Top Five Code Changes That Will Affect Home Builders) 
  8. How to Set Concrete in Cold Weather 
  9. Ceiling Panel Heating and Cooling Makes its East Coast Debut 
  10. New Foundation System Could Revolutionize Basement Construction 
  11. DOE Debuts its "Building Science Translator" 
  12. IAQ Tips for Healthier Homes and Happier Owners 
  13. Why Home Builders Need to Embrace Innovation and Technology 
  14. How to Prep Your Home for Solar 
  15. Winter Weather Doesn't Have to put a Freeze on Construction Schedules