A new wall system from BASF could revolutionize residential construction by cutting down on the amount of lumber needed to build a home while beefing up insulation, air sealing, and moisture control.

The HP+ Wall System combines three of the company’s insulation products: Neopor, a graphite-enhanced and rigid thermal foam insulation that helps mitigate the risk of moisture inside wall cavities; Walltite HP+, a closed-cell, spray-applied polyurethane for superior insulation, strength, and energy efficiency; and Enershield, an air- and water-resistant coating that creates a seamless barrier of protection to above-grade wall substrates.

Tim O'Brien Homes in Wisconsin recently began using the new wall assembly product.
Guanisng Photography llc. Tim O'Brien Homes in Wisconsin recently began using the new wall assembly product.

This combination delivers exceptional control of heat, air, and moisture and increased structural integrity, the firm says. In fact, the design capacity of a wall built with the system is up to 135% greater than that of a wall built with standard construction methods, offering builders the opportunity to reduce lumber content by up to 25% and eliminate the need for plywood or OSB sheathing. The system also provides higher thermal performance in a standard dimensional wall cavity and achieves optimum R-value by air sealing the wall assembly.

BASF offers consultative services to adopters of the new product to help identify cost-saving opportunities. Wisconsin green builder Tim O’Brien, who recently began building all of his homes with the new product, says it helped his firm lower construction costs  while providing a superior building envelope.

His team met with BASF trainers to analyze everything from the orientation of the home to advanced framing techniques and mechanical strategies, he says. “Overall, this experience has shown us how we can achieve higher performance at a price point that delivers outstanding value to our customers,” O’Brien says.