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Revival Instincts Revival Instincts

Where elegance and allusion converge with velocity to make entry-level offerings a business model that works. SAI Consulting, Inc. vice president Fletcher L. Groves, III, challenges home builders to transform home design, building process, and business measurement alike to build models that draw young buyers from the sidelines. Read more

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Make Your Business Culture 'Un-Leavable' Make Your Business Culture 'Un-Leavable'

Leadership builds around three foundational concepts: the what, the why, and the how ... to win. Forrest Performance Group principal Jason Forrest urges audiences to focus on the single highest-priority around achieving an "un-leavable" team culture. Read more

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Beam Me Back, Scotty! Beam Me Back, Scotty!

Home building veteran George Casey looks back to glimpse at what may be around the next corner. Sometimes it's risky to believe that every business dynamic has precedent, and that every phase of home building runs true to a rule-based, albeit irregular, cycle. So, have a look at George's thoughts, and let us know what you think of their validity at explaining what's at work today. Read more

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Winter Heat: 9 Markets That Spring Before Spring Winter Heat: 9 Markets That Spring Before Spring

Punxsutawney Phil declared six more weeks of winter, but BUILDER data journalist Katie Gloede has mined Metrostudy data to reveal nine new-home markets that tend to get a head start on the spring selling season, and which home building power players reign supreme in each one. Read more

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Beyond Fair Market Value Beyond Fair Market Value

Do home building mergers and acquisitions put value on home building company sellers above and beyond the fair market value of the tangible and intangible assets of the company. This piece from M&A pro Michael P. Kahn and his partner Peter Hazeloop, serves as a rebuttal to BIG BUILDER columnist Jamie Pirrello's assertions on M&A valuation. Kahn and Hazeloop focus what a seller's worth to each unique buyer, each for separate and distinct motivations. Is the issue GAAP accounting terminology? What's your take? Read more

Three Ways Builders Can Attract Millennials to Combat the Labor Crisis
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Three Ways Builders Can Attract Millennials to Combat the...

Young workers are just what the industry needs to avoid a full-blown labor crisis,... Read more

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Reduce Risk of a CancellationReduce Risk of a Cancellation

Attitude and service after the sale is as critical as it is before it. Forrest Performance Group chief Jason Forrest drills down on an essential Spring Selling Season reminder that can help a team ward off cancellations before they occur. Read more

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Compared to What? Compared to What?

How an industry roll-up of cost comparisons can be used as a business benchmark, and how it can't Read more

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Demand vs. Desire: The New Home Dilemma Demand vs. Desire: The New Home Dilemma

Pricing growth dampens new-home demand, but the hesitance is more an indication of fear than a lack of desire among entry-level buyers. Read more

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Measure for Measure: Home Builder Mergers and Acquisitions Measure for Measure: Home Builder Mergers and Acquisitions

An exploration of why acquirers use fair market value to price a home building company. Read more

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