The Quest for Net Zero

A series that focuses on the benefits of a tighter building envelope and its impact on zero net energy construction.

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California's "Community Solar" Option Scores a Win

Authorities have approved a Sacramento-based utility's off-site solar farms as... More

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Do You Know the R-Value of Your Wall?

Why it's important to consider the whole-wall R-value beyond the insulation. More

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Designing a Home’s Main Defense: The Building Envelope

More attention needs to be given to the exterior materials used for resilient,... More

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Portland Welcomes Its First Zero-Energy Community Tillamook Row

Developed by BCMC Properties and designed by Green Hammer, the 16-unit property... More

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Net-Zero Townhomes Benefit From Vegetated PV Roofs

This suburban Washington, D.C., project proves there's no need to choose between a... More

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California Builders Must Line Up Solar Supply Chain Now

With 2020 almost here, home builders and developers in California gear up to meet... More

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Optimizing Net Zero Homes for the Grid

These Habitat for Humanity net zero homes in Colorado are helping to find... More

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Redefining 'Zero Energy' for Homes

Is it time to revamp the lingo around zero energy? Philip Beere from GCOMM360 and... More

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The Solar-Ready Rooftop

How builders can design a roof that will efficiently generate electricity on-site. More

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Case Study: Making Net Zero Work

A project in Maine balances the shell and the mechanicals of a high-performance... More

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