Storm and Wind Resistance

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3 Wall Framing Tips for Areas Prone to High Winds and Seismic Activity

Proper OSB panel usage can help homes weather any storm. More

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Deltec Homes' Circular Home Design Prevents Severe Damage During Hurricanes

The builder's aerodynamic round building envelope was developed to work with... More

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James Hardie Adds New Siding Profile, Expands Availability

Aspyre Collection siding profiles have come to HZ5 zones, with new Artisan Shingle... More

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How To Manage Excessive Stormwater on Building Sites

In response to global weather changes and new regulations, some builders and... More

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New Nordic Performance Asphalt Shingles by IKO

Heavy-duty laminated shingles feature a reinforced nail zone and a Class 4 impact... More

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Learning from Michael

All of Florida needs to take a long-term approach to hurricane preparedness, says... More

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Arkansas Idea House to Highlight High-Performance Tactics

With a focus on sustainability and resiliency, the home will be fortified against... More

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