Small Lot Ordinance

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Maximized Small Lot Luxury On L.A.’s Kilkea Drive

A single-family home uses natural materials and indoor/outdoor spaces to make its... More

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Five Forces Reshaping Floor Plan Design in 2018

There's been a change of plans—here's how to adapt. More

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Living Small(er): Are Floor Plans Shrinking?

According to data from Metrostudy's top 10 markets, Americans are learning to live... More

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High-Density Housing on Steroids

In some crowded international cities, builders and architects have been able to... More

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Eight Enticing Solutions for High-Density Design

These developments show what can be done on small lots without skimping on... More

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Small Lot Makes a Big Impact in L.A.

Making use of the city's small-lot ordinance, 18 single-family dwellings of the... More

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New L.A. Project Redefines "Detached" Housing

Under the city's small-lot ordinance, the developer was able to construct... More

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Making Sense of Modular Construction

Developer Noah Ornstein and architect Chris Krager reveal the advantages of... More

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Trumark Homes' SL70 Nails California’s Small Lot Ordinance

Trumark Homes’ Los Angeles infill development proves a community-focused approach... More

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