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Building Talent Foundation Partners With Private Equity Firm

Together, the organizations will work to attract and retain talent to the... More

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Social Media Helps 84 Lumber Highlight Women in Construction

The dealer’s monthlong social media campaign centered around recruitment... More

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Construction Workforce Shortage Exceeds Half a Million in 2023

Associated Builders and Contractors reports the industry will need to attract an... More

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The Surprising Hiring Lessons of a $4 Billion Company

5 ways builders and contractors can help find talent. More

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How to Attract High-Quality Talent in a Competitive Market

Figure out your ideal applicant, and then keep them interested, spark their... More

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NKBA: Interest Level in Skilled Trades Careers Strong Among Male and Female High School Students

One in five high-school-aged respondents to an NKBA study cited "learning a skill"... More

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Three Ways to Rethink the Process to Find the Right Talent

Since the beginning of time (as I remember) talent was sourced from one of three... More

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How Construction Companies Are Attracting and Retaining Talent in the Midst of a Labor Shortage

Implementing training and development programs for young workers, utilizing... More

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