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CertainTeed Adds New Solar Roofing Product to Its U.S. Offerings

The manufacturer is partnering with Swiss solar roofing company SunStyle to offer... More

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California's "Community Solar" Option Scores a Win

Authorities have approved a Sacramento-based utility's off-site solar farms as... More

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Alternative Solar Systems for the Houses of the Future

Following California's new mandate requiring solar-powered systems for residential... More

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Evergreen Slate Co. Slate Roofing

Three new blends of slate have been introduced: Manor combines grays, greens, and... More

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Solar Industry Employment Report Shows 123% Growth Since 2010

According to a new report from the Solar Foundation, the solar industry has seen... More

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Is Solar PV Finally Mainstream?

In the U.S., Solar PV is getting more powerful. More

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Next-Gen Solar Panels Are Nearly Invisible to the Naked Eye

Researchers at Michigan State University have developed a new type of solar panel that is almost completely transparent. Currently, the new panels convert about 1% of the light that passes through them to energy, but the MSU team is aiming for 5% efficiency in the near future. More

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Where are the PV Panels?

The solar industry is facing a looming shortage of photovoltaic panels, reversing a two-year slump triggered by a global glut. More

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