Alternative Materials

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New Building Material Could Help Homes Regulate Their Temperature

About 35% of a building’s energy goes to heating, cooling, and ventilation. This... More

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Grassroots Development Builds Hempcrete House for Research

Two new homes, one of traditional framing and insulation, and one of hempcrete,... More

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Survey: Labor Shortages and Supply Chain Delays Shift Demand Toward Alternative Materials

While builders were more accepting of delays and price hikes during the early... More

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Home Builders Turn to Natural Materials to Solve Supply Chain Issues

Rather than sit back and wait for supplies to become available, innovative... More

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Indiana-Based Startup Developing Drone-Assisted Construction Technique

Terran Robotics, established in 2019, is developing technology that enables... More

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Straight from Mars: On-Site, On-Demand, Custom Construction

This HIVE Re:Think podcast explores an innovation based on space exploration that... More

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Material Trends to Watch in 2019

Innovative products and systems that aim to reduce our carbon footprint are sure... More

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