Modular Building

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California Modular Builder Aims to Construct 35 Factories Across the Country

John Rowland founded S2A Modular to rethink the home building process and deliver... More

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Ivory Innovations Recognizes New Approaches to Tackle Affordability Crisis

The Top 25 Ivory Prize finalists showcase innovations in construction and design,... More

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Dvele Expands Into Smart Tech Platform for Modular Homes

The new DveleIQ system is designed to enable an 'integrated, intelligent,... More

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Can ADUs Be a Solution for Post-COVID Retirement Communities?

Derek Huegel, owner of Wolf Industries, answers a few questions on how accessory... More

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These Stackable, Modular Homes Can Grow with Families

Need to add a third floor? Just pop the roof off and slide one in. More

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Offsite Myth Vs. Offsite Reality: The Difference Matters And Here's Why

What does the rest of the world mean by the term 'offsite' and how it produces... More

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The Freedonia Group: Demand for Modular Housing to Grow 5% Annually Through 2024

Homeowner interest in modular housing is projected to increase at the expense of... More

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IKEA Chooses Manufacturer for Modular Home Line

BoKlok modular homes, a joint venture between IKEA and Skanska, will finally be... More

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