Homeless Housing

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Plans Laid To Add 1,000 Beds For Homeless In Calif.

The move is intended to help mitigate the affects of the virus. More

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Detroit Starts Testing Homeless For Virus

Any homeless person in the system who shows symptoms gets tested. More

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No COVID-19 Found in Colorado Springs Homeless Community, So Far

Normal precautions against the disease are often unavailable. More

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Vote On Homeless Housing Delayed in Riverside

The vote's been put off for a week due to concerns over crowding. More

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Caring For The Homeless Challenged By Virus In Jacksonville

Social distancing and food lines are especially troubling. More

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Concerns In L.A. About Coronavirus Hitting Homeless

The homeless typically have a lower resistance to disease and are especially... More

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Caltrans Settles Lawsuit Over Clearing Homeless Camps

The former residents of the camps could be entitled to up to $5,500 each. More

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Arizona Is Short 100,000 Homes

Housing costs are up more than wages in the past decade. More

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