Green Washing

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When Building Green, Be Credible

To avoid deceiving buyers, Home Innovation Research Labs says builders should rely... More

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Think Before You Use These 11 Green Buzzwords

A new study tests consumer perceptions of 11 common terms used in green marketing.... More

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Home Buyers Are Concerned about Indoor Air Quality

As consumers become more aware of how the built environment affects occupants, what can home builders do to cater to this growing demand? BUILDER blogger Dagmar Ebaugh has the answers. More

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Spotting Greenwashing : Part One

In this conversation from Architect LIVE at the 2013 American Institute of Architects National Convention in Denver, sustainability consultant Valerie Walsh of Walsh Sustainability Group and Katie Weeks, editor-in-chief of Hanley Wood's Ecobuilding Platform discuss various issues around building products and their environmental claims, with a focus on greenwashing. In Part 1, they talk about where the industry stands now regarding greenwashing and where it is going. More

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Paint Manufacturers Settle with FTC on Claims of Misleading Consumers

Sherwin-Williams and PPG to change marketing materials regarding VOC-free claims. More

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FTC Issues Revised "Green Guides"

New rules will help companies avoid making misleading environmental claims. More

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