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NAHB Urges Congress to Extend Flood Insurance Program Before Expiration Date

Should the National Flood Insurance Program be disrupted, the NAHB says home sales... More

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A Majority of Prospective Buyers Consider Climate Risks When Searching for Homes

Younger buyers, who account for an increasing share of the housing market, are... More

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Where Are the Riskiest Markets for Natural Disasters?

Both now and through 2050, CoreLogic finds that properties in markets exposed to... More

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Strategies for Navigating Natural Disasters, Extreme Weather

With adverse weather events increasing, builder preparedness is more important... More

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Hurricane Ida Rebuilding Could Delay Projects, Raise Costs

The rebuilding process in southeast Louisiana following Hurricane Ida is likely to... More

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Over 14,000 Homes At Risk from Hurricane Hanna Storm Surge

Hurricane-driven storm surge is one component of land-falling hurricanes that can... More

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Houston Going Resilient

One of the hottest housing markets in the county is launching the Resilient... More

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Condo Damage Dispute In Iconic Detroit Building

The building was once home to Diana Ross but burst pipes are making things unlivable. More

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A Look at Where People Will Choose to Live After They Retreat From the Coasts

13 million U.S. coastal residents are expected to be displaced by 2100 due to sea... More

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