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Gen Z Strives to Buy, But Concerned About the Obstacles

A new Freddie Mac study reveals Gen Z is largely positive when it comes to the... More

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The Top 5 U.S. Cities for Gen Zers

According to the Gen Z City Index, Portland, Oregon; Minneapolis; and Denver rank... More

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The Share of First-Time Home Buyers Is Smaller and Older

According to the National Association of Realtor’s 2022 Profile of Home Buyers and... More

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Three of the Top 5 Most Affordable Markets are in the Midwest

The ability to work from home full time continues to impact housing demand across... More

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Who is the Single-Family Build-to-Rent Consumer?

According to a recent panel discussion, there is more than one generation 'buying... More

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How to Overcome 'Fear Of Buying At The Top'

It wasn't that long ago buyers were motivated by FOMO—fear of missing out.... More

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Need Some Optimism? Look to the Build-to-Rent Market

Demographics favor a sector that is taking on a growing importance across the... More

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Why Millennials Are Leaning Heavily Toward New Builds

Not only do they want to buy new houses, they are likely to recommend the process... More

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The Build-for-Rent Surge: A Q+A with Pretium Partners

Hear from executives Dana Hamilton and Matt Johnston on what the future holds for... More

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