Cost-Saving Ideas

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These Innovations Can Help You Combat the Labor Crisis

A recent survey evaluates which labor-saving construction methods builders are... More

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Who Says You Can't Save Like A Billion-Dollar Contractor?

It’s never been so easy to save big money on everyday building materials. More

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9 Common Sub-Floor Installation Mistakes—and How to Avoid Them

From tight spacing to improper fasteners, simple errors can lead to callbacks.... More

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ERI Performance Path Empowers Builders

This option gives builders more freedom and flexibility in meeting energy codes. More

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Katerra Promises to Cut Inefficiency by More Than 80%

Trevor Schick, president at Katerra, discusses ways Katerra is changing the industry by industrializing trade labor, cutting labor costs, and reducing waste. More

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Combating Labor Shortages With Premanufactured Products

Builders are reducing labor costs by using premanufactured products that also... More

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As Materials Prices Rise, Margin Pressures Intensify

Momentum at the lower-end calls for a double-down on discipline on per-square-foot... More

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