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5 Urgent Builder Takeaways From the NAR Settlement

Builders must strategize on engaging directly with home buyers, potentially saving... More

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What it Costs Each Year to Get to Work ... Heat-Mapped

The rent can be a little damn high, so long as the ride isn't. CityLab's Eric... More

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Woodside Plans to March in the Public Parade

Salt Lake City-based Woodside Homes somewhat expectedly announced it will offer shares of its equity to the public in an upcoming initial public offering, the third company in 2014 to do so, and the ninth in since January 2013. Having exited bankruptcy in 2009, Woodside's debt-holders-turned-investors now get their own exit options. More

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California Home Buyers Connect with Green Real Estate Agents

The effort will put home buyers in touch with real estate agents trained to help them understand green home features. More

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Comp Time: Public CEO Pay Rankings for 2013

Public home building "named executive officers," most notably ceos, saw a 35% spike in their total compensation packages in 2013, thanks primarily to operational performance-related bonuses that kicked in as volume and pricing picked up pace last year. Here's a look at this year's public home builder ceo compensation rankings, which feature some newcomers to the list by virtue of a spate of Initial Public Offerings in calendar 2013. More

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The New Home Company re-ignites its IPO run

Will an IPO run that brought home building six new public companies in 2013 crank back up for 2014? As we speak, the key execs from the latest IPO candidate--The New Home Company--are booking a whirlwind "road show" for investors in the next two weeks or so, so public home builder No. 22 may be here by months' end. BIG BUILDER's John McManus has insight. More

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Big Builder leader board: home building's most powerful women -- UPDATE 12/4/13

It's Monday, the November National Association of Home Builders home builder sentiment index is due as we reach mailboxes. But, we're BIG BUILDER, so let's get beyond the ephemeral headline story and think bigger. As the Federal Reserve chair confirmation process proceeds, we ask who are home building's most powerful, highest paid, most influential women? More importantly, is change afoot in home building enterprises' leadership composition? Could it be that more change should come? Here are a few other think big opportunities: What business are you in? Are relationships core to your land acquisition strategy? Private quandary: borrow, buy, sell, or die? More

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LGI takes to the road in a play for a share of home building's bigtime prize: capital -- UPDATE

Executive management at LGI Homes has taken off on a multi-continent, multi-city sprint to fill its "book," commitments from institutional investors to buy 9 million shares of the new LGIH, for $13 to $15 apiece. CEO Eric Lipar and his team haven't met a headwind--financial, economic, external, local, or operational--they haven't overcome with a customer knowledge base and sales program that's the envy of many a larger home building organization. More

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The Big List, part 3

What the early stages of this housing recovery show, like every one before it, is... More

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