Codes and Standards

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NAHB Opposes Proposed Inflation Reduction Act

Chairman Jerry Konter says the legislation fails to ease inflationary pressure on... More

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Fireproofing Homes Isn't Very Expensive

Although many Western states lack required wildfire-resistant building codes, a... More

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Oklahoma Home Builders Reject Proposed Energy Conservation Code

The state's Home Builders Association says proposed energy conservation code... More

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Builders Choose Fiberglass as a Fast, Safe, and Sustainable Insulation for Today’s Homes

New advanced fiber technology provides advantages for building industry and... More

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Oregon Passes Wildfire Bill to Protect Homes from Future Destruction

However, industry groups and property owners are wary of mandating fire-resistant... More

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IAPMO Introduces Water Demand Calculator for Right-Size Plumbing

In this day and age of skyrocketing material prices, no builder can afford... More

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A Builder's Guide to Breathable Indoor Air

The formula for cleaner, healthier indoor air is simple: A tight shell, and... More

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Are You Ready for a Big Multifamily Project?

Apartment buildings have tougher performance specs and codes than single family... More

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