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Incoming NAHB Chairman Dean Mon Sets Goals for 2020

Housing affordability is the highest priority, and the organization will work with... More

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What It Takes to Withstand Mother Nature

Assessing vulnerabilities and financial planning before disaster strikes is as... More

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Regulatory Rescue

If the vision becomes reality, President Donald Trump’s executive orders will... More

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What Does 100-Year Service Life Really Mean? Right Now, It’s Anybody’s Guess.

In the absence of consensus-based standards, are we unwittingly engaged in mass... More

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Canada: King of Drones

Canadian laws permit the use of unmanned aircraft for fun and work, while Federal... More

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Community Groups Rally Against FHA Loan Sales

Los Angeles Times staffer Tim Logan reports that a program designed to help prop up the Federal Housing Administration is short-changing borrowers and neighborhoods hard-hit by foreclosures, community groups said as they took to the streets to push for changes. More

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Builders Laud Jumbos for Self-Employed, Lament Slide at FHA

National Mortgage News staffer Brian Collins reports that luxury homebuilders are... More

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FHA Will End Banks' Extra Interest Charges at Closing

Real estate columnist Kenneth R. Harney reports that hundreds of thousands of home sellers have had their pockets picked at closings during the last decade: They've been charged interest on their mortgages after their principal debts had been fully paid off. Thanks to a policy switch that was recently made final, charging extra interest payments on loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration will soon be banned. More

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Drone groups challenge FAA definition of hobbyists

Commercial drone pilots, model-aircraft hobbyists and university researchers are... More

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