2017 Solar Decathlon

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Swiss Team Wins 2017 Solar Decathlon

Despite hurricane-related delivery setbacks, the multifunctional space sweeps the... More

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Solar Decathlon Kicks Off

11 collegiate teams from around the world present uniquely sustainable homes in... More

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Sustainable Concrete Home Can Stand Up to Weather Events

WashU’s Solar Decathlon design is fully self-sufficient and resilient. More

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Water-Efficient CA Home Promotes Community Conservation Efforts

UC Davis’ drought-resilient Solar Decathlon home encourages friendly conservation... More

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Retirement Pad with Old Florida Style, Sustainable Design

Team Daytona Beach’s Solar Decathlon design for 'Gen X' retirees references the... More

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Sustainable Home Can Handle Alabama Heat, Humidity, Tornadoes

Team Alabama’s Solar Decathlon entry offers Southern architectural charm and... More

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Communal Flex Space Makes Urban Living Friendlier

The Swiss Solar Decathlon entry provides a meeting place for city dwellers to... More

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Solar Decathlon Preview: Northwestern's Age-in-Place Home Improves Indoor Air Quality

‘Enable’ can withstand Chicago’s harsh climate and filter out toxins. More

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Solar Decathlon Preview: Team Netherlands Builds ‘World’s Smartest Lego Set’

‘Selficient’ gives homeowners the building blocks for a custom, sustainable home... More

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