Courtesy Williams Robotics

Hive 50 Honors

For robotics unbound, a real-world platform that splices computational code and micro-precision mechanical engineering into a stud wall construction machine.

What You Need To Know

An aeronautical engineer (i.e., rocket scientist) and a custom home builder have teamed up to create Burlington, N.C.-based startup Williams Robotics, robots that build houses. Products currently include a panel assembly robot, capable of 16’ by 9’ stud walls with rough openings in place, available either to structural building component manufacturers or stick building job sites; and a catcher robot, which catches, centers, and stacks high-count runs at rates of up to 60 boards a minute.

Who’s Involved

Jeff Williams, founder/engineer; and Walker Harris, co-founder and president.

Time Stamp

Burlington, N.C.-based Williams Robotics started up in February 2007, and has been at work developing robots to build homes.