Hive 50 Honors

For printing homes using hydrophobic, self-binding, proprietary geopolymer cement from a printhead on a mobile platform, eliminating the need for subcontracted crews.

What You Need To Know

In January 2019, Austin-based residential building company Sunconomy announced it would partner with Forge New, a residential development company based in San Francisco, to lease and license Sunconomy’s We Print Houses 3D-printing home system to builders and contractors across the country. The 3D-printed concrete homes are designed to meet International Building Code and are energy-efficient, low-maintenances, and built to be resistant to fire, hurricane-force and tornadic winds, earthquakes measuring 8 points and higher, hail, and flooding.

Who’s Involved

Houston-based construction executive Larry Haines. Partners in We Print Houses pilot projects include The BauBox, Porcelanosa-USA, Guardian by Elexa, Sustainable Materials, Basalt America, RenewAire, and BP Institute, Inc.

Time Stamp

Haines started Sunconomy Homes, serving Louisiana and Texas communities hit by Gulf of Mexico hurricanes, in 2009. He permitted work on a We Print Houses 1,800-square foot Genesis model, set for the Austin, Texas, area’s Lago Vista community, where the foundation was complete in early Summer.