Hive 50 Honors

For profoundly expanding architectural learning beyond the classroom into the real-world challenge to build affordably priced, sustainable, safe homes.

What You Need To Know

Studio 804, a nonprofit that works with masters students in their final year at the University of Kansas, focuses on realizing a single, sustainable design each year, and has built up a very green portfolio, including seven LEED Platinum projects and two Passive House certified projects.
Its 2018 initiative—designed by Dan Rockwell—the East Lawrence Sustainable House pairs an all-glass 1,550-square-foot three-bedroom structure with a 500-square-foot accessory unit located on the site of a former scrapyard in East Lawrence, Kan. It utilizes re-purposed materials and incorporates new and advanced building technologies targeting sustainable goals. Native plantings and pervious surfaces are used on the site to reduce the amount of rainwater that flows into the storm system. The super insulated building envelope emphasizes both sustainability and thermal comfort. Highly efficient ventilation systems and natural daylight reduces the use of mechanical conditioning. The house hosts an array of 18 solar panels and is designed to target net zero energy use.

Who’s Involved

Designer: Dan Rockhill; Danielle Latza, Hanu Anand Madireddy, Alexa Kaczor, Elayna Svigos, Will Ehrman, Austin Bosecker, Ian Mutschelknaus, Will Siegel, Joe Schafer-Glick, Ben LaRue, Kevin Purdom, Erik Erdman, Wes Seaba, Zach Lundgren, Eric Pincus, Linda Cotter, Mark Romanoff (M.Arch. students); Structural Engineer: Norton & Schmidt Consulting Engineers . Barney Schwabauer; General Contractor: Studio 804; LEED Green Rater: Jim Baker

Time Stamp

Students completed the project in 2018, and the East Lawrence Sustainable House won honors in the 2018 Residential Architect Design Awards for custom home, less than 3,000 square feet.