The ENRG Blanket by Phase Change Energy Solutions is a thermal envelope layer designed to absorb heat when the ambient environment reaches a certain set temperature point, then release its stored heat when the ambient environment drops below another set point. During the summer, the ENRG blanket will absorb the day’s heat and release it when the temperature drops at night. During the winter, the blanket absorbs and stores ambient heat to release into the building.

The blanket is designed for installation inside wall panels, above drop ceilings, behind drywall, and under roofing. Phase Change says a retrofit can be completed in a single evening. Its BioPCM phase change material, which the company says is nontoxic and noncorrosive, is layered between two polymer and/or aluminum protective films, offering durability and tear resistance. According to Phase Change, the ENRG Blanket has the potential to reduce a structure’s HVAC consumption by up to 35% and runtime by up to 20%.

The product is manufactured with a choice of three standard transition temperatures: 73°F, 77°F, and 81°F. The blanket may be custom ordered with transition temperatures between -58°F and 347°F for specialized applications.