Hive 50 Honors

For collapsing time barriers between design and occupancy by using recycled steel and glass to create resilient structures from prefabricated, modularized components.

What You Need To Know

For architect David Hovey, big ideas come in simple, raw, and found materials. He’s invented a structural “hardware” system that uses recycled steel, treated to be corrosion-resistant, and flows it into a 7-foot-by-7-foot, module-and component-based grid that can be nimbly applied for design flexibility. Precision-crafted structural members assemble fast on any homesite.

Who’s Involved

David Hovey Jr., AIA, architect and entrepreneur.

Time Stamp

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based DCHGlobal’s architecture, design, and innovation, coupled with the vision of founder David Hovey Jr., has led the firm to national and international recognition and awards, including the 2016 AIA Chicago Special Innovation Award and 2016 Chicago Interior Architecture Award.