Courtesy Brooks + Scarpa

Hive 50 Honors

For challenging preconceptions and models of what can be done to make safe, healthy homes accessible for society’s economically, physically, or mentally vulnerable people.

What You Need To Know

Brooks + Scarpa and the Rialto, Calif.–based prefabricated housing manufacturer Plant Prefab developed Nest, a kit of mix-and-match affordable housing components that satisfy the city’s zoning rules, aiming to offer temporary or permanent housing for some of Los Angeles’ 50,000 homeless people. Earlier this year, Brooks + Scarpa won a $1 million grant from Los Angeles County to develop a Nest prototype on an empty lot. If it meets expectations, expect to see more construction using Nest kits, says Plant Prefab founder and CEO Steve Glenn.

Who’s Involved

Brooks + Scarpa, Plant Prefab, and Community Corporation of Santa Monica.

Time Stamp

The Nest Toolkit came to light in 2018, and is in pilot phase in Los Angeles, thanks to a $1 million grant from the Los Angeles County Housing Innovation Challenge, in collaboration with the nonprofit Community Corporation of Santa Monica.