Courtesy Multifamily Executive

Hive 50 Honors

For committing to what should be nonnegotiable in ambition and purpose rather than accept what is at the confluence of architecture, construction, and engineering.

What You Need To Know

A collaborative venture—architects Skidmore, Owings, Merrill, residential development giant AMLI, and Walsh Construction—elevated on-the-boards planning, process, and visualization to a step-change vision of healthy, flourishing apartment life in a net carbon positive world. Together, the partners challenged themselves to jump fences to render buildable buildings performing with achievable technologies at a yet-unimagined level of performance, additive value, and evidence-based design, engineering, and construction. The project set constraints that reflect current transaction cost challenges on labor, sustainability, regulatory burden, and financing, and called on partners to hurdle each challenge area.

Who’s Involved

SOM, AMLI, Walsh Construction partnered with Hanley Wood’s Multifamily Executive on a nine-month exploration of innovation at all scales—at the unit, building, and community—using design to achieve better private and communal living spaces, establish stronger connections to nature and climate, to adopt technology for health benefits and environmental conservation, and to foster social interaction and belonging.

Time Stamp

The project kicked off in early 2017 and culminated in September 2017 at the Multifamily Executive Conference, and was spotlighted at Hive in 2018.