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For networking digital amenities in apartment living, so residents and building property managers can live better and work smarter.

What You Need To Know

Artificial intelligence-powered assistant Millie is apartment hub Zego’s personal assistant “front-end” of a platform that meshes smart devices and a mobile app to connect renters with property managers with solutions and services. Implementations of Millie show an ability to accelerate the timeliness of rent collections, reduce the amount of phone calls and emails to property managers, and drive new sources of revenue. By integrating internal and external data sources (such as a management company’s policies & procedures, existing resident communication logs, and data from existing property management software), Millie helps property managers do everything from automate lease renewals to communicate with residents about the status of work orders.

Who’s Involved

Former Brightergy executive Adam Blake founded CasaiQ, and serves as CEO of Zego. In December 2017, it raised $1.5 million in a seed round, including a the KCRise fund, Techstars Ventures, Zoloz CEO Toby Rush, ShotTracker co-founder Davyeon Ross, S2 Capital CEO Scott Everett, an owner of 10,000-plus apartment units throughout Texas and Florida.

Time Stamp

Zego was founded in 2017, as a Techstars Kansas City graduate called CasaiQ, and evolved into its current name in December of that year.