Using an integrated process inspired by the aerospace industry, BONE Structure founder and president Marc Bovet oversaw the creation of a structural steel frame and insulation system that provides unique advantages compared with prefabricated or modular homes, such as the ability to build on hard-to-reach, remote, or challenging sites. The lightweight BONE Structure system creates homes built from columns and beams that are laser cut in a manufacturing plant and delivered to the site for assembly. A five-person crew can assemble the shell of the 3,200-square-foot home in days, using only battery-powered drills and self-tapping screws to secure the steel columns and beams. Precut insulation panels clip into place between the steel columns, and polyurethane foam insulation is sprayed on the exterior that tightly seals the building and acts as a vapor barrier. Together, the steel structure, insulation panels, spray insulation, and roof create a tight, energy-efficient envelope.