Hive 50 Honors

For doing things differently in a business resistant to change, focusing on consumers’ needs and using data about them to reduce friction in the path to finding a home.

What You Need To Know

In the past 36 months, Lennar doubled-down in its fanatic commitment to shaping the future of investment, development, design, construction, and sales, intent to pivot from its expertise as a real estate cycle-timer to a data-enabled, human-centric, home-as-a-service for-sale and for-rent business model. Blending end-to-end consumer journey data, construction technology, locational data, engagement data, and smart home technology, Lennar recognizes itself as a data and intellectual property enterprise on a par with its proficiency as a home and apartment builder. What’s more, Lennar has taken a vanguard position among builders exploring fully integrated off-site solutions as a productivity platform to continue to bend a stubborn cost curve.

Who’s Involved

The Lennar team and its business and partnership ecosystem across real estate, building products and materials’ channel, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street. Lennar’s Ventures innovation unit was an early limited partner investor in Fifth Wall’s proptech funds, and benefited from stakes in Ring and OpenDoor as they came to market.

Time Stamp

Early in the current housing recovery cycle, Lennar chose to divest itself of carrying costs in real estate and business overheads, and divert new resources into game-changing data and technologies that would bring the company closer to customers in their housing journey. Today, analysts observe that Lennar’s self-transformation from “cycle-timer” to “pure-play” consumer data and housing value chain player is well underway.