Courtesy WZMH Architects

Hive 50 Honors

For breaking the mental and physical barriers separating a building envelope and its systems, infusing intelligence and user experience into physical, load-bearing structural members.

What You Need To Know

Conceived by Toronto-based WZMH Architects, the Intelligent Structural Panel is a prefabricated sandwich plate system that marries a building’s structure—its hardware—with its operational software and systems. As a result, construction can achieve unprecedented velocity, and building performance—in real-time and overtime—can outscore the highest standards on energy use, water conservation, durability, safety, and health measures, as firmware updates continually improve each performance metric.

Who’s Involved

WZMH teamed with Stephenson, Quasar and C3PoE, and they’re collaborating with Microsoft through its IoT & AI Insider Labs to further develop the ISP and manage potential devices through the Azure Cloud.

Time Stamp

Microsoft’s partnership on the ISP project kicked off in September 2018, and the applications development process is ongoing.