Founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor David Mindell, Humatics is developing microlocation technology that offers millimeter- and centimeter-scale positioning. The company’s radio-frequency sensors measure the positions of objects in a three-dimensional space, indoors or out. According to the company, the technology is faster, more precise, and more affordable than other 3D-positioning and location-tracking technology on the market.

In February of this year, Humatics acquired 5D Robotics and its subsidiary, Time Domain. While Humatics was working on millimeter-scale precision at up to 30-meter (98-foot) ranges, 5D Robotics systems located objects with centimeter-scale precision at up to 500-meter (1,640-foot) ranges. Combined, the company offers products in both measurements for a multitude of applications, including robot and drone navigation, crane positioning, and tool tracking. The company’s newest product, the Humatics Spatial Intelligence Platform, contains three measurement systems with varying application requirements and one browser-based software tool. When used together, the products help robots navigate through complex environments and collaborate with users.