Hive 50 Honors

For boosting construction automation’s potential by amplifying the fluency of links between digital modeling and physical tooling.

What You Need to Know

Engaging the Autodesk Technology Center in Boston as an equipment partner, Howick provides a digital-design-to-automated construction platform that expands the boundaries of what is possible for both on-site and off-site industrialized construction. Howick and StrucSoft worked with a team of students from Virginia Tech’s Center for Design Research and a specialty contracting group, KHS&S, to produce a full-scale clinic over the course of a few hours, live at Autodesk University

Who’s Involved

Paired with Autodesk, Howick has also collaborated with Strucsoft, makers of an interoperability workflow to develop new ways of linking digital models to their automated roll-forming equipment. The team worked with Autodesk and a group of local contractors on the automated onsite construction of the customer briefing space within the technology center. The team eliminated almost all framing waste and achieved a significant reduction in the project timeline.

Time Stamp

On Oct. 5, 2016 Autodesk launched its new BUILD Space facility in Boston. The week of April 3, 2017, Howick installed and commissioned in the BUILD Space a new FRAMA 3200 smart technology roll-forming framing machine. Howick worked with Autodesk to provide training. Autodesk’s focus will be using BIM data that can help automate the construction process. This fall, Autodesk will conduct a pilot using our technology along with other technologies and software to build out the 17,000 sf second phase of the BUILD Space.