Courtesy Hayward Score

Hive 50 Honors

For championing health hazard–free buildings with a scientific score to empower residents to use conditions metrics to improve health and well-being at home.

What You Need To Know

Hayward Score surveys environmental and climate data from the structure and system characteristics of a building—indoor air quality, room comfort, water purity, light, noise, odors, etc.—and captures health information from each resident to create an algorithm that rates home conditions as healthy or unhealthy. Score rank from “very poor” to “excellent,” at any given time. As of June 2019, more than 41,000 households had completed Hayward Score surveys, creating the nation’s largest knowledge base tying building materials, systems, and conditions to the health of their residents.

Who’s Involved

Founded by Bill Hayward, CEO and chief sustainability officer at 100-year-old Monterey, Calif.–based Hayward Lumber, and his wife, Adrianna, a clinical psychologist specializing in health issues, Hayward Score is part of Hayward Healthy Home, H3.

Time Stamp

The H3 initiative started as an offshoot to Hayward Lumber in 2016, and the Hayward Score open-source knowledge base of housing health went live online in the summer of that year.