Hive 50 Honors

For empowering the needs and opportunity of the future to overcome the comfort, complacency, and constraint of past practices when it comes to solutions for housing.

What You Need To Know

Factory_OS is a for-profit company that is dedicated to innovative modular approaches to combat the housing affordability crisis. The company’s focus is to build affordable housing, supportive housing, and student housing in a less expensive and more efficient manner. Each unit is built in an off-site plant using an assembly line with more than 30 different stations, cutting costs by more than 20% and building 40% faster than traditional on-site construction.

Who’s Involved

Rick Holliday, CEO; Larry Pace, COO; Peter Palmisano, financial partner/strategic adviser; Carol Galante, Innovation Lab Director; David Baker, chief design officer; Ken Lowney, modular design specialist

Time Stamp

Factory_OS was founded in 2017, and has raised more than $22.7 million in financial capital, according to Crunchbase. In July 2019, Factory_OS received strategic investments from Autodesk, and Citi, to address the affordable housing crisis in San Francisco and beyond.