Covestro’s PUReWall panelized wall system combines a rigid, polyurethane-based polyisocyanurate board insulation panel with conventional-style wood framing to create a complete, prefabricated framing panel that eliminates the need to install many common wall components on-site.

The polyiso board both sits between the framing and runs continuously across the entire panel, reducing thermal bridging, and features an integrated weather-resistant barrier that replaces the need for housewrap. When combined with a closed-cell spray polyurethane foam, the board creates a shear capacity similar to that of continuously sheathed wood structural panels. Available in three configurations, PUReWall panels are prefabricated in a dedicated facility, providing consistent construction in a controlled environment. Compared with traditional construction, the company says, PUReWall’s factory process uses less labor, produces less waste, and reduces cycle time, allowing homes with PUReWall panels to rise faster.