Hive 50 Honors

For empowering neighborhoods and developers to learn and make evidence-based choices in development permitting by bringing community issues into an elegant user experience and engagement platform.

What You Need To Know

Boston-based coUrbanize creates an information-rich online platforms, including specifications, renderings, floor plans, maps, meeting announcements, engineering reports, environmental studies and FAQs. CoUrbanize generates interest in the platform by posting notices around the neighborhood, inviting community members to express their views on a question related to affordable housing and providing a QR code to make it easier for them to reply. City planners and real estate developers across the U.S. and Canada have used coUrbanize on nearly 400 projects to reach more community members, overcome NIMBYism, and build better projects faster.

Who’s Involved

Karin Brandt, CEO and co-founder; partners include Boston Properties, Brookfield Properties, Alexandria, JBG Smith, Cambridge Redevelopment Authority, City of Boston, WinnCompanies, Full Circle Communities, Buchanan Partners, AECOM, NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development, AGI, Trinity Financial, City of Summit, Hudson Pacific Properties, Saint John, and Boise, Idaho.

Time Stamp

Founded in 2013, coUrbanize is based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.