Courtesy Austin Energy Green Building

Hive 50 Honors

For setting a higher bar of ambition and achievement on building energy performance and its role in meaningful environmental and social healing and repair.

What You Need To Know

Before green building standards became a household name, and before climate change pronounced itself as a defining issue of our time, Austin city stakeholders developed and implemented—in the early 1990s—a rating system to evaluate building energy conservation performance, a paradigm change in construction technology.

Who’s Involved

Katherine Murray, Green Building & Sustainability Consultant Sr.; Conn Frasier, Green Building & Sustainability Consultant; John Umphress, Green Building & Sustainability Consultant Sr.; Catherine Lee Doar, Utility Strategist; Heidi Kasper, Manager, Energy Efficiency Services; Patricia Chawla, Green Building & Sustainability Consultant Sr.; Michael Gomez, Engineer Graduate

Time Stamp

The City of Austin created the nation's first green building program in the ’90s. Austin Energy Green Building is now the nation's most successful sustainable building program. Since then, Austin Energy has rated more than 15,000 single-family homes, 160 multifamily properties with more than 26,000 dwelling units, and 261 commercial properties including another 8,000 dwelling units.