AeroBarrier, an innovative new air-sealing technology, aims to help make energy-efficient home building attainable for production builders. Created by the same company that brought the duct-sealing product AeroSeal to market, the air-sealing system seeks to eliminate some of the problems and shortcomings of traditional insulation with a more efficient and precise option.

The computer-controlled system is a single-step aerosolized sealing process that simultaneously measures and seals building envelope leaks. A series of nozzles set up inside the building blow a fog of caulk into the house while a blower door puts the building under pressure. The sealant finds the spots that are leaking air and builds up around even small cracks to seal the opening completely. According to AeroBarrier, the process works on holes and gaps as wide as a half inch.

The system can meet the most aggressive air leakage standards, including those for Passive House, taking about two to three hours, including set-up, to seal the space. The technology also provides a final report with documented results.