With the launch of its VUE Collection, Weather Shield is adding a new series of all-aluminum windows and patio doors to its product catalog, starting with select products and markets. The VUE Collection’s windows and doors feature ultra-narrow profiles around large spans of glass, designed to foster indoor-outdoor connections, according to the manufacturer.

Each window is made and tested to exceed stringent energy codes, as well as maximize thermal and structural performance, according to the manufacturer. The frames’ polyamide thermal breaks help maintain the interior temperature and reduce temperature transfer. A series of modular connection points also allows installers to snap VUE Collection windows together, allowing for any combination of window types in a single space.

“The VUE Collection is uniquely flexible,” says Chris Schield, vice president of product marketing at Weather Shield. “We set out to create an offering that’s highly customizable with features and options well matched to the custom home market. Options such as three distinct glazing beads and a range of anodize and AAMA 2605-rated paint finishes enable architects and home builders to create a tailored aesthetic for their projects.”

The collection’s casement windows, awnings, direct sets, and multislide doors will be available in select markets this summer, with additional products and markets set to come in 2022. weathershield.com

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